Make Up Brushes

Lip & Eye Liner Brush


Our highly recommended dual end lip and eye liner brush creates precise flicks and perfect pouts with its firm yet soft fibres and defined tips.

All our make up brushes are cruetly free, made using super soft, high quality synthetic fibres.

Developed and used by the experts behind Le Keux Vintage Salon


Le_Keux_Cosmetics_dual_end_brush_shot_copy.pngliner.jpgCreate your most precise flicks ever with our eye liner brush. The ultra fine tip creates defined flicks, whislt the perfectly balanced length ensures an even and smooth line with each use. 

Used by Ashley Marie Pin Up Doll and Diablo Rose


The lip brush is perfect for creating a defined cupid bow and with it’s narrow tip, whilst it’s firm edges help draw a defined lip line. 

By using a lip brush you achieve more precision, ideal for use with our Lip Paints!