How to Use Beard Balm?

Having a beard is one of the trickiest things to handle and making it look clean, as well as classy needs so much of effort. A man is required to maintain his beard clean, un-patchy, and stylish at the same time. It is why; there are many products available in the market for the maintenance of beard and facial hair. There is a wide variety of beard products prevailing in the online and retail stores. Products like beard oil, beard balms, and beard gels help a man in getting his perfect face look. So, how to use beard balm?

What is a beard balm exactly?

Beard balm has some properties of beard oil and beeswax. It is like a mixture of both of them. Beard balm is a type of conditioner specially made for men’s beard that is used to moisturize and detangle the strands of your facial hair nicely. It separates each strand from another. An excellent beard balm properly hydrates your beard and facial hair by smoothing each of its strands. It contains almond oil, Shea butter, and contents that are famous for providing moisture to your skin. Beard balms condition the tips of your facial hair, by giving each hair equal amount of potion that it requires.

How to Use Beard Balm?

Ingredients in beard balm:

  • Beeswax: For keeping the beard balm in a firm position, for a longer time, different brands use various products for keeping it in place. Beeswax is the best one suitable for this use. It does not allow your beard hair to move from one place to another.
  • Butters: They might be manufactured with the help of vegetable butter. The most typical and best beard balm butter that is used in the making of beard balm is Shea butter.
  • Oils: Essential oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil are used for including in beard balm, as they have the most mesmerizing scents amongst all oils.

Some benefits of using a beard balm:


A beard balm is known for its repairing qualities that show its results after a few applications. It has benefits to replenish the split-ends that might be caused due to pollutants and dirt material.


Due to its hydrating and moisturizing characteristics, a beard balm is good for its anti-drying feature. Dehydration in skin or body can cause patchiness and flakiness in the facial hair.


A gentle and moisturizing beard balm contains various smoothening contents in it. If you want to soften your beard, massage with beard balm twice a day. The texture of your beard will be improved in just a few applications.


Applying a lot of oils, gels, balms, and creams to your beard can make it brighter and coarser. It enhances the look of your face by providing nourishment to the strands at a very high level.


When you take care of your skin and beard cautiously, it will make you look well-groomed for a longer time and age. It will hide wrinkles and dullness from your face.

Increases growth

If you do not skip the process of applying beard balm, then you can gain great results within a few months of starting the application process. It will work slowly initially but will enhance the growth rate rapidly after a few months.


It is required to use beard balm for making your beard hair healthy and prevent damages. It controls the issue of hair-fall too.


When you do not comb or brush your facial hair daily twice a day, then you can get them severely tangled. Thus, for solving this problem, it is advised to apply beard balm before you comb or brush your beard.


Some of the beard balms contain essential oils which have a little bit of fragrance in them. These are excessively useful in offering aromatherapy, along with providing various other skin benefits. Scents like peppermint, cocoa butter, etc. are proved to be very soothing for a stressed mind.

How to Use Beard Balm?

Can a man use beard balm and beard oil at the same time?

A person can use beard balm and beard oil simultaneously for incredible results. It is advised by every skin and hair expert to use the beard balm after using the beard oil. But your face should be thoroughly dried out before you apply beard balm. However, beard oil is to be applied before the beard balm because beard balm is made from a thicker component as compared to beard oil.

How frequently you need to apply beard balm?

It is recommended to use beard balm only once a day when you go outside, for styling your beard and facial hair. But beard oil should be used twice a day, once after taking a shower and second, before bedtime. Beard oil is known to nourish your beard hair, but beard balm is applied to make styles for the symmetry of your beard hair.

Difference between beard balm and beard oil:

How to Use Beard Balm?

  • Beard balm is not in a liquid or fluid state, while beard oil is purely soluble.
  • The consistency of beard balm is much more than that of the beard oil, due to its thick formula.
  • Beard balm acts as a shampoo for your beard hair along with serving as a conditioner, while beard oil is proper oil.
  • It is lightly weighted as compared to a beard balm.
  • Beard oil provides much more hydration to the skin under your beard, but beard balm resides on the hair mostly and does not penetrate deeply into your skin.
  • Applying beard oil will offer your face a matte finish instead of a shiny look that is gained by beard balms.

However, it is said that excess of everything is not good. It is strongly suggested to not apply beard balms, gels, oils, or creams at a regular period for a continuous-time. They might have the reverse impacts on your beard or facial hair and not as mentioned above.